Siboni Circhestra in Concert


    Unconventional concert – uplifting boost of joy!
    Hanne Siboni: Vocal & Accordion
    Booking: 22 195 888
    Can be booked together with Finn Pilegaard
    – sound technician of the highest order!


    Siboni Cirkester unfolds her wings with a unique version of the Empress Dagmar.
    Russian or not?….
    She has broken out of her previously frames
    – what will happen?

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  • Sun goddess Sinjat Garuda Shapsu
    Bring yourself to other dimensions of love and light

    – when the Sun Goddess appears!

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    – or just Hanne Siboni in her best mood that may emerge and offer a world wide repertoire bound together with improvisation and creation in the moment!

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With varied use of voice & accordion the audience is taken on a journey in time and space – with and without words, flow and surprise, atmosphere and experience.

A taste of the songs are:

Own Songs

Playful and teasing songs with surprising texts. As a story is being told, or as a picture to enter, accompanied by accordion.

Bulgarian Songs

The very powerful Bulgarian folk songs with their lyrics about love and war, their magical and unique expression, as interpreted with great empathy, accompanied by accordion.

French Songs

The French repertoire has grown and includes schlagers of Edith Piaf and George Ulmer such as Pigalle, La Vie En Rose, Sous Le Ciel De Paris and Hymne L’Amour with their very own soul and yet so personally interpreted by Hanne Siboni.

Said by others about Hanne Siboni:

50th birthday March 2014

“All of a sudden came an Angel into the room, attracted all guests ‘ attention in a split second, and with very few and very effective means she led us and birthday boy into a universe of magic, love and adventure. She both sang, danced, played on singing bowls and with her intense presence, burning charisma and a WILD estimate and multicolored voice brought Hanne us into an unforgettable atmosphere of hope, faith in the future and bright prospects for the world and – especially – the next time for the life of the subject. There was a widespread feeling that he would be able to work miracles from now on and the rest of his life. Her ability to bring stories to life – apparently effortless and improvised over the life of the midpoint – was loving, fun, teasing while being critical of society and adventurous at the same time.”

Maria Hanke, Opera Singer

Joy festival 11.11.11

“And even thank you for very powerful song and music! I enjoyed every minute! You are a star!Many loving greetings”

Betina Ekman, healer and event skinny