About Hanne Siboni

Joy is my mission, and bridge builder is my path.
Through body, emotions and expression I create freedom for myself and others to be our authentic self.
Vulnerable to the most powerful, that’s the flow of the palette.
The body is the main source, and nature, colours and breath is big inspiration in top of the big NOW!
Through pain, anger, joy and happiness and all what life is full of, I have created my own path, in big gratefulness to all the teachers, colleagues, friends, participants and pupils I have been working with.

Hanne is..

.. a magical creature that you can be magnetized by. But she is not like an elf girl with a hole in the back. On the contrary, she has backbone and can carry two buckets of water. An organizational iron in combination with a creative fireball – this is really rare.

That she also has a voice that gets my mind long into the journey and touches the mind deepest strings are hard to understand – on top of everything else. And then she can create a party and a boundary-breaking joy around her. My great and deep respect – and very warm recommendation!”

–Karen Lumholt, Partner, Lumholt & Stahlschmidt Communications.

Great laugh and a colourful voiceLaughterguru


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